Blenders Eyewear: Scaling an ecommerce sunglass brand using Facebook ads.

Featured Guest: Chase Fisher
June 10, 2019


If you live in the U.S., there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Facebook ad for Blenders Eyewear. Their ads reached over 200 million users last year alone, and this focus on digital advertising has fueled their growth. But it hasn’t always been that way. Blenders achieved traction in the early days through good ol’ fashioned guerrilla marketing and face-to-face interactions. While Blenders is seemingly ubiquitous across Facebook today, it hasn’t always been like that—It took years of hustle and grind to break through to the next level.

We sit down with Chase Fisher, the founder and owner of Blenders Eyewear, to talk about his relentless focus on brand experience, user experience, and the future of retail brands. He shares how small wins over an eight-year period kept him going and allowed him to achieve the success he is seeing today. He shares insights from startup to scaling, and what brand should know going into each phase of their growth.

You can find Blenders Eyewear at blenderseyewear.com
Follow them on Instagram at @blenderseyewear

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