FNDN: Building brand equity in wearable tech through quality products.

Featured Guest: Travis Lemanski
May 13, 2019


FNDN is the latest company launched by serial entrepreneur Travis Lemanski. A veteran of the action sports industry, Travis cut his teeth as a product marketer in the paintball industry. As a professional athlete, he worked for one of the largest companies in the industry to build a brand behemoth. He went on to found a professional team that he would later convert from a brand into a business generating revenue through products and licensing deals. His latest startup is focused on solving problems in the active-lifestyle space, specifically around cold weather sports.

In this episode, we speak with Travis Lemanski about how he got started in the wearable technology space and what the future holds for this brand and his product mix. We discuss how he has been able to launch so many successful brands and product lines. Travis shares his perspective on how brands can succeed and what it takes to establish a base of raving fans and brand advocates.

You can find FNDN (pronounced ‘Foundation’) at fndn.com
Follow them on Instagram at @fndndetroit

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