Handup Gloves: How a cycling glove brand uses agility and storytelling to beat industry giants.

Featured Guests: Jamie Wallis & Troy Stewart
May 6, 2019


Handup Gloves isn’t exactly a household brand, but they have discovered a way to use that to their advantage. When a husband and wife team set out to develop their own line of cycling gloves, they learned very quickly that they would have to be agile and unique to beat the giants in the cycling industry.

In this episode, we talk with Jamie Wallis and Troy Stewart of Handup Gloves to hear how they have been able to grow the Handup brand and amass a following of avid fans and customers. We learn how they have used storytelling to connect with their audience and how they have involved their customers in the strategic growth of the company.

You can find Handup Gloves at handupgloves.com
Follow them on Instagram at @handupgloves
As promised, Frat Boy Troy: https://handupgloves.com/frat-boy-troy-video

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