OsteoStrong: What it takes to build a global franchise.

Featured Guest: Kyle Zagrodzky
July 3, 2019


OsteoStrong was founded in 2011 when serial entrepreneur, Kyle Zagrodzky, stumbled upon a unique technology in the health and wellness space. Experienced in the fitness space, Kyle decided that the opportunity to build a brand around the technology was too big to pass up. Little did he know he would soon be growing a global franchise in the biohacking space, one that is set to make a debut on the list of fastest growing franchises.

In this episode, we speak with Kyle Zagrodzky, the founder and CEO of OsteoStrong, to hear how he started what would become crowned “The Ultimate Biohack” by the godfather of biohacking, Dave Asprey from Bulletproof. He shares his journey from the discovery of the concept to the achievement of his personal goal of bringing on Tony Robbins as a business partner.

But a blue ocean opportunity has its own challenges. Kyle shares what aspects can be a challenge when you bring a novel idea to market, as well as what you need to be aware of if you have goals of expanding nationally and internationally.

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